At the Shipston surgery,there are three consulting rooms, a spacious reception area and waiting room, an operating theatre and radiography room for small animals, kennelling, laboratory and dispensary.


The practice computer system stores your pet’s health records with complete confidentiality, provides fully itemised invoices and a free card, E-mail and text reminder service for vaccine boosters and other regular treatments.


X-rays are taken with a modern digital X-ray machine and films are stored electronically on site.  Digital films can be E-mailed to referral specialists for interpretation if necessary.


An electrocardiography (E.C.G.) enables diagnosis of complex heart problems and monitoring of anaesthesia. Anaesthetics can also be monitored using pulse-oximetry, capnography (measurement of carbon dioxide levels), temperature and blood pressure. 
Anaesthesia is maintained using Isoflurane, one of the safest anaesthetics available.

Blood Pressure and Intra-ocular pressure are routinely monitored in nurse clinics.


We use ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis and for various other examinations.

Flexible endoscopy allows a wide variety of examinations in the small animal patient, from pahraynx, trachea and bronchi to oesophagus and stomach.


In-house laboratory facilities allow rapid testing of many samples for immediate results. This includes pre-anaesthetic blood screening, testing for feline leukaemia and feline AIDS, geriatric screening, liver and kidney screening.  Our newest equipment can also give rapid haematological, electrolyte and hormonal results.  For most tests, we can get the results the same day.  For other tests, samples are couriered to a commercial laboratory every evening and most results received within 24 hours.  More unusual tests and histopathology are carried out by a commercial laboratory and these results can take up to a week.

Bitches can be swabbed or blood-tested for timing of mating. We can also test for ringworm.
Microscopy and urine analysis are also carried out in-house.


Ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing allows excellent dental care. 
Electrosurgical procedures such as wart removal are undertaken


Homoeopathic treatments are available on request. We maintain close contact with specialists in a number of veterinary fields, and referrals to specialist centres can be arranged.


We are able to give advice on a wide range of behavioural problems. Please arrange a behaviour consultation time with the receptionist.


We can uniquely identify your pet using Identichip to make sure that lost animals are returned to their owners.


Veterinary surgeons and nurses regularly attend continuing professional development courses to keep up-to-date.


Our nursing staff are happy to give free advice on pet health care, obesity and diets, dental care, worming and flea control. We provide free information sheets on a variety of topics.


We run free puppy pre-school classes to help get your puppy off to a really good start as a well-behaved member of your family!


Accurate electronic scales to weigh your pet may be used free of charge in the waiting room. Please ask for assistance.


We carry an extensive range of prescription foods and animal health care products. If your pet has special dietary requirements, we can usually order for next day delivery. 
A range of pet accessories can be ordered from catalogue for next-day delivery.


We have a car park adjacent to the surgery.


The Moreton-in-Marsh branch surgery is open daily but times may vary. 

Please telephone if you need to collect medication etc. so that we can make sure there is someone at the surgery to help you.


How to contact us

Shipston Veterinary Centre Ltd

24 West Street
Shipston-on-Stour CV36 4HD



01608 661232


Our consultation times:


8.40 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. Monday to Friday



Hospital Road,

GL56 0BQ

4.30 p.m. - 5.45 p.m. Monday to Friday

Times are variable. 


All consultations at both surgeries are by appointment only


Please note that in emergency out of hours, the same number should be dialled.  Listen to the message, then dial 7 to be put through to the Emergency Vet.


News November 2018


Jill Snape


Jill was involved in a nasty car accident in October and is convalescing in Coventry Hospital.  We have received many good wishes for her speedy recovery and pass these on to her with our own good wishes.


Martin Foster


Martin decided in 2017 that he wanted to reduce to working a two day week as a prelude to leaving SVC after more than three decades.  As of August 2018 he has now left the practice to pursue his other interests of music-making, canoeing and music festival attendance!  We wish him very well for the future.


Alex Pounder


We are delighted to welcome Alex to SVC.  Alex qualified in 2017 and has been working in Devon. 






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