This past year has been incredibly challenging for everyone and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful clients for being so understanding and supportive. It has been a pleasure to see so many new pets registered over the last 12 months who have clearly brought so much joy to their owners through these tough times.

Our practice is very conscious that we continue to offer the best service possible to all our clients. 
To enable us to provide an even better level of care for your pet, from Friday 30th April 2021 our out of hours service will be changing.

We have partnered with Vets Now, the UK's leading pet emergency care providers.

Vets Now have dedicated, specially trained emergency and critical care staff who will be there for you and your pet when our practice is closed.

We are very proud to be joining such a renowned team and we have every confidence that you will be well looked after should you ever need them in times of emergencies.

What does this mean for me?

We are not going anywhere and will continue to offer the same day time services for all our patients and clients. In fact, we are eventually going to be able to offer more consultation slots than ever before and expand on our first opinion services as we can re-focus our vet’s efforts and attention to daytime work and services.

How do we access the service?

Using the Vets Now service is easy. If you require out of hours assistance or advice, simply do the same as you are doing now. Call us on 01608 661232 and listen to our message which will allow us to transfer the call to their emergency team.

When you call Vets Now one of their experienced call handlers will listen, reassure, and triage the call. This means you still have full and instant access to free veterinary advice and should always phone if you feel you need any help or assistance with your pet.

They have a dedicated team available to assist with calls and cases meaning you will not be kept waiting. If it is deemed that your pet needs to be seen, you will be directed to your nearest Vets Now clinic where their emergency team will be waiting to help. Vets Now have branches in both Coventry and Worcester.








What happens if my pet needs overnight care?

The care of all overnight inpatients will be transferred to Vets Now when we are closed too. This ensures that those patients who genuinely need hospital care overnight receive this from a dedicated night team.

Transfer of these patients from our practice can be done by you the owner, or we would recommend by the team at Animals At Home, who have a fully dedicated, licensed and DEFRA Welfare in Transport Approved Pet Ambulance available at a small additional cost.

We will liaise with the Ambulance team to transfer your pet at the end of our day to the team at Vets Now, with a direct vet-to-vet hand over of the case over the phone too. Once your pet is in the care of the hospital team there, they will remain there if deemed necessary until they are stable to be discharged back home, either via ambulance again or collection by the owner.


You will be kept up to date with your pet's care and hospital plan by the team there and receive full discharge instruction. Should they wish to transfer back to us, this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

We will also receive full clinical history outlining the care your pet has received which will allow for excellent continuity of care when they return to us. 

What Costs Might Be Involved? 

Please find below a list of the common fees charged by Vets Now. Please note that for anything other than the consultation and call out fees, these are estimates.