Practice Makeover!

Thank you to you all; you have all been very patient whilst we have been carrying out much needed renovation and redecoration projects on the building (inside and out) over the last 18 – 24 months. We are nearly there, and we think it has all been very much worth it! Our biggest projects are yet to come, with the arrival of new equipment too, and your cooperation during that time will also be gratefully received.

As with every building, they all need a spruce up every now and then. The building is particularly old, so we also had to have some structural repair work done to keep it safe and sound.

Our reception area was the first to get a make-over, and is now bright, light, and fresh, with comfy new chairs. We've got a cat-only waiting area, to try and give the cats a little bit of privacy whilst they wait to help their stress levels. Please use the cat box stand and feliway sprayed carrier covers when you arrive in this area. We’re proud to support local artists, and you’ll find their work displayed on the walls around the waiting room and consult rooms, and you can purchase them direct from us.

We then focussed on our operating theatre and imaging suite, both getting new floors and furniture as well as being decorated. More recently we have been working on our inpatient facilities. As everyone knows, building work never runs entirely smoothly but we were very lucky to have such fantastic local teams working with us, and working around us so that we could continue to run almost as normal! In our dog ward we have had all new kennels fitted, which range from small and snug for smaller breeds and puppies, right up to lovely large walk-in kennel space for large-giant breed dogs to stretch out their legs in. In addition, we now have kennel bank socket points and drip hooks for more monitoring and support equipment to be nearby, that can reach patients at their bedside.

Our feline patients now have their very own room! We are extremely pleased to now be able to offer a cat-only ward. This space is away from our dog kennels and any busy activity; the room has a feliway diffuser plugged in (comforting pheromone) as well as smooth, classical music playing in the background, all of which has been shown to improve a cat’s experience at the vets and allow them to calm and settle more quickly. The cat kennels are elevated off the floor as we know cats feel more secure at height. They also have access to hide-away castles. Both spaces have had new flooring and wall coverings too.

In addition, our canine isolation unit has had an upgrade, although is still not a space we hope to use all that often. In January 2022, all of our facilities underwent and passed the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme inspection, which takes place every three years, something we are very proud of.


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