Recycling our way through the pandemic

We have been so glad to support the TerraCycle PPE scheme throughout the pandemic. This scheme involves the provision of a zero-waste cardboard recycling box to our practice, in which we can dispose of all the single use PPE (personal protective equipment) our staff have been wearing to keep them and you safe whilst in practice, during this time. It has been so important our staff have been able to wear PPE throughout the pandemic but there has always been a concern about the effects of waste PPE on the environment.

These waste boxes have allowed us to continue wearing PPE in the safe knowledge the waste will not be incinerated or go to landfill, but instead be recycled. When the box is safely and securely collected, all the PPE is reprocessed and then used in the manufacturing and construction industries.

We think this is great and it is just one step our practice is taking towards a more sustainable way of operating!


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