Wellness Clinics

From March 2019, we are offering Wellness Clinics with nursing staff at the Shipston Surgery.  These are for dogs and cats over 8.


Finding problems early is the key to health in old age.


The first part of the wellness appointment is blood pressure measurement.  High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is the "Hidden Killer" and can cause strokes, heart disease, kidney failure and blindness.  It is common in dogs and cats over 8 years of age and should be checked regularly.  It is checked in the same way as for humans using a simple cuff.  We like to allow at least ten minutes for your pet to calm down so we get reliable measurements.


If hypertension is found, it can be easily and successfully treated with tablets or liquids to prevent the potentially serious or fatal effects.  


The second part of the wellness appointment is a blood screen for Diabetes, Liver and Kidney Disease.  These are all common in the older pet and the key to successful management is to diagnose the problem early.


Please bring your dog or cat starved for the blood test if possible as it makes results clearer to interpret.


Please bring a urine sample to your wellness clinic.  We can supply sterile collecting pots free of charge.  This allows us to look for many conditions including Diabetes, Renal problems, Bladder problems among others.



Wellness appointments usually last half an hour and take place at our Shipston Surgery only every weekday morning and afternoon.  You can book appointments online or telephone 01608 661232 to make an appointment or discuss the appointment with one of the nursing staff.

How to contact us

Shipston Veterinary Centre Ltd

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01608 661232


Our consultation times:



8.40 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. Monday to Friday



Hospital Road,

GL56 0BQ

4.30 p.m. - 5.45 p.m. Monday to Friday

Times are variable. 

From February 2019, we are offering morning appointments between 9.30 and 10.30 a.m. for a trial period (weekdays except Tuesday)


All consultations at both surgeries are by appointment only


Please note that in emergency out of hours, the same number should be dialled.  Listen to the message, then dial 7 to be put through to the Emergency Vet.


News March 2019


Wellness Clinics


From March 2019, we are starting to run Wellness Clinics with nursing staff at our Shipston site for Cats and Dogs over 8. These are to check for hidden problems in older patients.  Finding problems early is the key to health in old age.


Corina Prisada


We are delighted to welcome Corina to join our practice as Veterinary Assistant. Corina has moved from Romania and already speaks english very well.  She is a caring and conscientious vet who is enjoying working with our friendly team! 


Jill Snape


Jill, our practice manager, was involved in a nasty car accident in October 2018 and is convalescing steadily. We have received many good wishes for her recovery and pass these on to her with our own good wishes.  We hope it will not be too many months before she can get back to the job that she loves!


Stephanie Hughes


Steph has decided she wants a change of scenery and hopes to advance her career into referral practice, finishing at SVC before Christmas 2018.  We wish her very well for the future.


Alex Pounder


We are delighted to welcome Alex to SVC from August 2018.  Alex qualified in 2017 and has been working in Devon.  He relishes the opportunities that working in a small and caring surgery offers.


Martin Foster


Martin decided in 2017 that he wanted to reduce to working a two day week as a prelude to leaving SVC after more than three decades.  As of August 2018 he has now left the practice to pursue his other interests of music-making, canoeing and music festival attendance!  We wish him very well for the future.








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