Senior Pet Clinic

Shipston Veterinary Centre is very pleased to be offering a brand new senior pet clinic service, to help you look after the older members of your family.

It is not just the human population that is living longer, our pets are too. But did you know that a cat or dog is considered to be senior once they are over the age of 8 (breed variation)? We all know that as we get old, we have to make some adjustments to our life and just as with people, the older our pets get the more likely they are to develop health issues related to age.

With thorough and regular health examinations and a few non-invasive tests, we can monitor our senior pets to enable us to spot changes at the earliest opportunity to allow us to initiate preventative or supportive treatment where possible and hope to support a happier, healthier and longer life for our pets. Early detection is so important in the management of old age disease and pain.

That is where our Senior Pet Clinics fit in. These clinics are available to all dogs and cats over the age of 8 who are not already on long term medication programs.


What does the Senior Pet Clinic include?

  • A lifestyle questionnaire and assessment

  • A consultation with one of our qualified veterinary nurses who will perform a health check, including a weight check, body condition score, dental check, mobility check, diet discussion and so on

  • A blood test to screen for liver and kidney problems, as well as diabetes and anaemia.

  • A urine test which includes further assessment of kidneys and diabetes, as well as high blood pressure and urinary crystals or stones

  • Blood pressure measurement. Hypertension is often nicknamed the silent killer and can cause lots of problems ranging from blindness to heart disease. Identifying changes in blood pressure early is very important. Please note you may be asked to leave your pet on site for the day to get accurate readings taking into account any stress, this will be discussed with you at the consultation

  • A follow up vet telephone consultation to summarise and discuss any test results that highlight areas of concern and arrange for follow up tests or treatments. On the whole, we aim to carry out these vet discussions on the same day as your clinic depending on vet availability

  • An information pack on some of the diets and supplements available to help your aging pet.


The services included are worth over £170 normally, but we are extremely passionate about encouraging regular health checks of our senior patients and so are offering our Senior Pet Clinics for £99.


If you are a member of our Pet Health Club, these clinics will cost only £79. If you sign up to our Pet Health Club during your Senior Pet Clinic you will receive the discounted price and all the benefits of our Pet Health Club for ongoing preventative health care which remains incredibly important throughout your pet's life.


The clinic will last around 30-40 minutes and we would ask you to bring a fresh morning urine sample and your completed questionnaire along with you to the consultation to ensure all the tests can be completed at that visit. When you make the appointment you will be invited to collect your questionnaire and a urine sample pot for dogs or non-absorbable cat litter for cats to enable you to collect the urine sample. Any follow up investigations, consultations or treatments that are recommended as a result of any findings will incur their normal charges on top of this clinic price.


If you would like to get your senior pet enrolled on our Senior Pet Clinic then please contact the practice on 01608 661232 or complete an appointment request form on our website and specify it is for our Senior Pet Clinic.