Diagnostic Imaging

We have made a big investment in a brand new video endoscopy and bronchoscopy suite and our clinical team have undertaken additional training to use these pieces of equipment. 

We are now able to pass small video cameras into places such as nostrils, throats, oesophaguses, stomachs, intestines, colons and down ear canals.  We can then use the cameras to see the anatomy and structures inside the body in a very non-invasive way. The cameras can also help us remove objects that shouldn't be in some of those places! We can also use the cameras to help us take samples such as fluid samples or tissue biopsy samples as part of investigations. Approaching with a camera in this way can be much less invasive than other more traditional methods and therefore can be less painful for the patient, too. 


We also have a digital x-ray table making taking x-rays on your pets much faster, with instant access to the images. Alongside this we have an ultrasound machine which allows us to have live action views of the inside of your pet. Investigations using imaging techniques often is a multi-modal approach, which means we often need to use a combination of x-rays and ultrasounds to get the full picture.


We also have a digital microscope with attached colour screen which means we can share with you what we are spying down the microscope. We hope that this gives you a lot more information about what might be going on with your pet so that you can understand more the treatments we have advised. Everyone gets very excited when we find a creepy crawly