Physiotherapy Now Available In-house!

We are really excited to announce a BRAND NEW service at Shipston Veterinary Centre - Veterinary Physiotherapy.


Physiotherapy is an incredibly important part of many patients' care plan.


We often think of physiotherapy being used in human patients after an 'event' has happened, such as a trauma or a surgical procedure, and indeed for our animal patients who find themselves in a similar position it can absolutely help to optimise their recovery. Not only can it relieve acute pain but it can enhance mobility and performance as well as reduce the likelihood of recurring injuries.


Importantly, it can also be used to support our patients living with longer term conditions, such as youngsters suffering from hip/elbow dysplasia or older patients battling with arthritis or neurological disorders. Physiotherapy can help these patients live a more comfortable and more normal life for longer.


We have teamed up with Sadie from Duncan Veterinary Physiotherapy to bring this service direct to our patients here at the practice. It means patients and their owners can come to a familiar environment on a regular basis and not have to travel off elsewhere. Our clinical team of vets and nurses can work directly with Sadie to discuss each patient individually to ensure they receive a tailored physiotherapy plan, and the clinical team are on hand should Sadie have any immediate concerns. Collectively, we recognise that no two animals are the same and we will work together to address your pet's needs. We believe this will result in a smooth, efficient and effective journey for our patients and their owners.


Sadie is a fully qualified and insured veterinary physiotherapist. Sadie uses a range of techniques to help improve mobility, relieve muscle spasm, relieve acute and chronic pain and therefore enhance the quality of life for her patients. Sadie is also a qualified veterinary nurse and so has a unique insight into pulling together both the medical and physiotherapy management of these patients.


If you think your pet would benefit from physiotherapy or would like to explore the possibility of it supporting your pet then please get in touch with the practice. Any veterinary physiotherapist must receive a referral from the patient's veterinary surgeon; this is a legal requirement. We hope that by offering this service directly from our practice we can make the physiotherapy journey as easy as possible for both you and your pet.


Please be aware that because this is an incredibly popular service, Sadie has a very busy diary and so visits Shipston Vets on set days, which can be discussed with you at the time of booking your appointment.